Siren Hikari



Born and raised in Los Angeles, I have been in the lifestyle since 2008 and a pro-domme since 2012. I am notorious for my sweet "girl next door" look but my Chinese/Mexican descent and ability to speak foreign languages gives me a

mysterious and exotic allure. Medical play is one of my specialties and something I enjoy often. My past time includes spending time with my cat, traveling, cooking,

and watching a good movie. 

Exceptionally Paramount

My style of play depends on who I am playing with due to the different flavors of activities some desire. I am a chameleon in the sense that I can be playful and

sensual, or strict and corporal. I can mold my persona into different shapes to accommodate your appetite. No session is the same and I tailor the session to the

style of your needs and fantasies. Finding out your personality, interests, and

diving into your reverie are what I crave the most. Being stern, fun, strict, yet playful, no nonsense, and versatile, my sessions can be sensual and erotic to heavy and sadistic. Once you walk into the room, you will be graced with my beautiful

presence before you are enchanted with my heavenly scent. I will make you kneel beneath me and command your attention with my sultry voice. I will lure you to

your demise by my song of pain, to be helplessly drawn to my boots, or endure my snake whip serenade. Well versed in most BDSM activities, I have a knack for

knowing what you like. 

My Pets

I seek polite, respectful, and no-nonsense submissives and kinksters who are

serious about engaging in an odyssey. It is preferred but not mandatory for you to share some, if not at least one of my interests. It is essential that you review my

interests and guidelines on the "Sessions" section. 


Highland Park, CA 90042